not again!!!????

Thursday, November 22, 2007

order slip to the universe

Firts off, i would like to thank the Universe for providing all that i am enjoying today.

That being done, i would like to claim the following as mine. and that i am ready to recieve them as the Universe deem fit.

  1. a high paying, professionally satisfying actuarial job
  2. more energy mas happy
  3. more travelling abroad
  4. a loving, understanding, financially secure and good-looking partner
  5. vehicles: one compact and one van
  6. a 3 br 100sqm house/condo in the city
  7. a resthouse near the mountains/beach/both
  8. Php 10M in 5 yrs

Monday, June 18, 2007


saw my first white hair mustache.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Yahoo! Avatars

Monday, April 30, 2007


Somehow, i don't know how lucky i am. was. whatever.

i used to look under age till about 25, that was when i came back from the states.

when i got back home, time caught up with me. much like making up for lost time, it seems like time didn't get a visa and through the improbability of me getting one on November 1995, when the whole US government was closed because the first world congress didn't balance their budget, didn't bother to get one.

luck was on my side then, the US embassies opened along with the post office since they are income generating and therefore didn't need the approved national budget. and i got a J1 Visa in a 10-day window in late 1996 without setting foot in the embassy.


so when i came back after about two years of living alone in the US getting my masters and working in a US insurance company (part of the fellowship i got). time slowly but surely advanced my age a little each year.

i now look 40ish while being only almost-35. time had a ball thinning my hair and thickening my gut.

and i have two 'lifestyle diseases' gout and diabetes ii.

what really bugs me though is that somehow i feel old. nawala na yung i-can-do-it magic i had before.

maybe i peaked early, but I've always been precocious.

now what do i do?

Monday, February 13, 2006


no comment

Sunday, February 12, 2006


naghihintayan ba kami o ano?

Saturday, December 31, 2005

down with the old

heto na naman ako at gagawa na naman ng isang taunang ritual ng pagpapakaplastic.


1. FINALLY QUIT SMOKING. i only smoke kasi mabagal ang connection sa internet sa bahay ko. solution, aalis na ako at lilipat

2. FINALLY LOSE WEIGHT AND GO BACK TO THE GYM. dahil pangit na sa health. medyo madali na akong mapagod at wala namang tutulong sa akin.

3. I WISH SOME VANITY GROWS ON ME. madalas hindi sapat yung tama ka o maganda ka. dapat MAS maganda pa.

4. ACCEPT THE POSSIBILITY THAT NOT ALL THINGS THAT WERE MEANT TO BE WILL HAPPEN. parang mali pero tutoo. yan ang bad side the free will.

5. OPEN MYSELF TO LOVE. self exploratory. este explanatory.

6. DOCUMENT EVERYTHING. baka kunin na ako ulit sa planeta ko, kailangan may ma report.

gagawa na lang ulit ako pag tapos na ito.